Stuffed Aubergine

It's a use-up meal ...

I have a cabbage which has been sitting around for ages and some chorizo that wants using up. Perfect partners and a meal with a good piece of white fish ... but, no fish! I also have an aubergine that is starting to soften, some lovely tomatoes, some prawns and some flaked salmon. I have an idea forming ...

Stuffed Aubergine

So, cabbage steamed and fried through with some chorizo - that's the side done.

Eggs boiled, yolks popped out and blended with some wasabi, avocado oil, sea salt and a spritz of rice wine vinegar. Pop a parsley leaf in and we've got a delicious garnish.

The aubergine was cut in half, slashed through the flesh (not the skin), slathered in olive oil, given a little salt and committed to the oven set to 180C (350F?) for 15 minutes, skin side up, turned over and give another 15 minutes.

Flesh removed and added into a skillet of prawns, the flaked salmon, the tomatoes, some Scotch Bonnet pepper, parsley, black pepper and sea salt.

Skins re-filled, we have dinner.



... after a long day assembling Swedish flat-pack furniture at my son's, I had hoped to go home and cook up a fun Mexican dish of fried fish and all the accompaniments, but as afternoon turned to evening and evening turned to night, it was all getting a bit late.

Home around half past nine, I reckoned I could still cook the fish ...



I had a couple of Sea Bream which just wanted gutting, slashing, sea salt, splash of lemon juice and under the grill for 15 minutes each side.

Done, garnished with fresh coriander and some black pepper, laid out on the plate like the star sign and I was ready to eat but Mrs said it was just too late.

So ... I enjoyed two whole Sea Bream with the cat!


I have never seen our cat "fished out" but tonight was the night; the little blighter simply could not eat all the fish I gave him.

What a great meal! So simple, barely any preparation, simple cooking methods, simple flavours and the full enjoyment of the fish cooked on the bone.

Sea Bream are very easy to eat as the fearsome spines top and bottom simply pull away once cooked, skin easily removed and you're left with four fillets (two each side, one either side of the middle line) which slide off readily.

I heartily encourage everyone to try a meal like this ...

Simply done, refreshing and wholesome, just protein and fat.

Lamb Kidney Bhuna

It's the weekend, and I'm partial to a little (late) breakfast, but only at the weekend ...

Lamb Kidney Bhuna

Lamb Kidney Bhuna

Lamb Kidneys
Large Onion, Garlic & Ginger
Turmeric, Ground Coriander, Ground Cumin, Fenugreek & Asafoetida
Black Pepper & Sea Salt
Large Plum Tomato

For two:

Take a large skillet and melt some ghee, caramelising off a large onion over a low heat with spices: turmeric, ground coriander, ground cumin, fenugreek & asafoetida (a teaspoon of the first three and half a teaspoon of the last couple), a couple of cloves of minced garlic and a good slice of ginger, shredded.

Raise the heat to medium and brown off the kidneys, chopped into chunks.

Add a splash of water and reduce fully.

Add a couple of whole chillies, simply sliced in two and a large plum tomato, cored and sliced into segments.

Cook on for several more minutes, turning frequently. Bhuna is a dry dish, so ensure that any liquid from the tomatoes is fully cooked out.

Sea salt and black pepper to taste.

Serve out with a light green salad.