Instant Blackberry Ice Cream

Blackberry season is just drawing to an end and our freezer has several bags which will be the base for my excellent Red Wine Jelly, but I fear they will not last long now I've discovered this ...

Instant Blackberry Ice Cream

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream!

What you do is take a handful of blackberries per person and put them into a receptacle. So as not to shower the place in blackberry pieces, take a rolling pin and break up the berries, breaking them down a little, too.

Now, take your stick blender and gently blend as you pour in double cream. The cold from the berries will freeze the cream and the liquid from the cream will blend the berries - the result: Instant Ice Cream!

Serve immediately ...

No stirring every 30 minutes, no unwanted ice crystals, just instant ice cream.


Spicy Grilled Fish

Inspired by a Mexican dish of food I saw on the internet, I made my own grilled fish, black beans and rice with a little salad underneath and boiled egg with guacamole alongside.

Spicy Grilled Fish

It's all fairy self-explanatory ...

Gut and scale a fish, any fish - it was a sea bass for me, slash it and rub some paste in. My paste is a jerk seasoning of thyme, spring onions and Scotch Bonnet pepper with a little salt. Grill for 15 minutes each side.

Meanwhile cook your rice, your beans - the adventurous might want to combine these with some coconut milk for a Jamaican-style Rice & Peas; make a little salad, boil your eggs and make up a Holy Guacamole by blending avocado with lime juice and salt.

Plate up!

Mrs didn't like hers, which was great for me since leftovers make fantastic breakfasts ... just bung the lot into a skillet with some good fat: goose fat, for me.

Spicy Grilled Fish

I've said it before, but this is living proof that good, real food is simply a case of putting good ingredients together. No recipe, no method, just cook some real food and put it on a plate ... re-cook it and put it on a plate.


Stuffed Aubergine

It's a use-up meal ...

I have a cabbage which has been sitting around for ages and some chorizo that wants using up. Perfect partners and a meal with a good piece of white fish ... but, no fish! I also have an aubergine that is starting to soften, some lovely tomatoes, some prawns and some flaked salmon. I have an idea forming ...

Stuffed Aubergine

So, cabbage steamed and fried through with some chorizo - that's the side done.

Eggs boiled, yolks popped out and blended with some wasabi, avocado oil, sea salt and a spritz of rice wine vinegar. Pop a parsley leaf in and we've got a delicious garnish.

The aubergine was cut in half, slashed through the flesh (not the skin), slathered in olive oil, given a little salt and committed to the oven set to 180C (350F?) for 15 minutes, skin side up, turned over and give another 15 minutes.

Flesh removed and added into a skillet of prawns, the flaked salmon, the tomatoes, some Scotch Bonnet pepper, parsley, black pepper and sea salt.

Skins re-filled, we have dinner.