Bubble & Squeak

Known by many names, from Irish Colcannon, Scots Clapshot, Dutch Stamppot to Hash in the United States, not a million miles away from Hash Browns, Bubble & Squeak is quite probably something you already know how to cook.

Simply combine some mashed potato with some cabbage, form into patties, fry off in some beef dripping and that's about it.

Make up some mashed potato by boiling a good masher, like Maris Piper, until soft, then mash butter into it, finally whipping up a little with a spatula. Get right in there and get a good arm workout!

Some shredded greens, cabbage, kale, whatever ... cool both overnight.

With the cold ingredients, fold together and fold in some chopped spring onions - this is a seasonal Bubble & Squeak with all the ingredients right in season.

If possible, chill again to harden up the patties.

Using a good slice of beef dripping softened in a skillet, gently lay the patties in to fry off. Leave them on one side for a couple of minutes and gently turn over. If need be, transfer to the oven to fully cook through, but I think you'll find this is enough.

Dripping has a high smoke point (something like 280C) and checking the figures on the Rancimat analysis can be continuously fried for something like 40 hours before it becomes oxidised.

Now, that is a fat! That is a fat fit for paleo!

So, what to serve it with? Well, everything is better with bacon and eggs, right?

Fry some bacon, fry or poach an egg, serve together and enjoy!


  1. Hmm to me the dutch stamppot I grew up with in The Netherlands, is not similar to what you are posting here. And definitely never presented this nicely :)

    Even though this looks really good and I will have to try it someday!

    A real dutch stamppot is Endives (or variations with carrots), Potatoes, Onions, Bacon and a dutch sausage called rookworst.

    1. Beautiful picture! Yes, Stamppot, Colcannon, Clapshot and even Hash are all very similar. That really is the great thing about Northern Europe - we have merged, mixed and brought all our favourite food with us.

      Thank you for your compliment over my picture. Yes, you must try it some day - it is, afterall, a leftover dish, so just make too much one day and enjoy the leftovers the next.