Salmon, Asparagus & Ribbons

Inspired by something I saw on Tiny Urban Kitchen recently, I thought I'd have a go.

The inspiration ...

The reality ...

Not fancying everything fried, I did it a little different.

Begin by preparing the vegetables, tailing the asparagus and forming some courgette and carrot ribbons with a vegetable peeler.

Immerse the vegetables in boiling water while you fry off a fillet of salmon.

Plate up with the asparagus down first, the salmon on top and the ribbons rolled up in a pile alongside.

That's it ...

My version does need working on, and a sauce would have been very welcome. Perhaps a simple butter, herb and caper sauce poured over, perhaps a soured cream, lemon and dill.

Also, I would probably poach the fish sous vide and quickly fry on the skin side to crispen up. The asparagus did need some fat, so will definitely grill some buttered next time.

Fun, nevertheless ...


  1. Nice trick with the veg peeler, sometime I find veg looks a little flat on the plate so this works well

    1. Thanks, Gary - I am a big fan of vegetable ribbons. No need for fancy gear like a mandolin when you already have a veg peeler. That's the paleo spirit.