Crab Bites

Somewhere shy of a fish cake, these crab bites are so simple to make.

Drain a 170g can of crab meat per person. Drained weight is about 140g?

Add in some flavours - ginger, chilli; some herbs - coriander; some padding: spring onions.

Add one egg per portion of crab meat, combine fully, form into three or four balls, drop into a heated skillet with hot coconut oil and press down gently to flatten.

Give it a couple of minutes on each side and then drop the heat. Give it a couple more minutes each side and then serve.

Serve out onto a plate with a light salad. Accompany with a simple tartare of caper, gherkin, dill and lemon juice in soured cream.


  1. Hey you! These look so good! Definitely going to give them a try :)

    1. Hey, Michelle! Good to see you here!

      These are so much fun! So easy to make. Dumbing it right down, it's a case of ... can of crab, one large egg, whatever flavours you want ...mix together with a fork, form patties, fry, eat.

      I hope you have a lot of fun. Combinations of flavour make a totally different dish.

    2. I was craving something fishy the other day after having salmon cakes last week, and these with maybe some curry powder would be great for the craving!