Seven Days of Sea Bass

I have no idea how, but I have a freezer full of sea bass!

My wife joked that we should eat nothing but sea bass until it's gone ... which got me thinking ...

So, this (coming) week we will mostly be eating*: Sea Bass.

Roasted sea bass with roasted sweet potato, orange segments, steamed courgette and sauce vierge.

Grilled sea bass with set celeriac purée with a garlic mushroom jus.

Steamed sea bass over citrus dressed broccoli with capers and anchovies.

Almond crust roasted sea bass with parsnip purée, fried kale and a saffron sauce.

Steamed sea bass with spicy green lentils and white rice. Tacu Tacu.

Poached sea bass pieces with prawns, sea vegetables, asparagus, ginger, chilli and lime. Hot & Sour.

Pan fried sea bass over garden peas with a pea & mint purée, scallops and fish velouté.

... sound fun?

* Fans of 'The Fast Show' will get the reference.

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