Sea Bass over Potatoes and Kale with Pea Puree, Scallops and a Fish Velouté

Day seven ... we made it!

Tonight, in the final day of seven days of fun with sea bass, we have ... sea bass (no, really?) over potatoes and kale with pea puree, scallops and a fish velouté.

Wow! That sounds exotic! That sounds complex!

Actually, it's just a simple meal ... made in, literally, seconds, with some prep, out of things I already had made, had available, had pre-cooked, had defrosted, had ready ...

Day Seven!

The savvy amongst you will be getting a sense of "get out there and do it for yourself" ... yes, it's really not that difficult ... if the last seven days have taught you anything, it's ...


It's not complicated. You do not need a degree in cooking, you do not need a pretty book full of pretty pictures showing you how accomplished Chefs make complex food look easy, you do not need a cupboard full of crap that you'll never use again.

You DO need to swing by your local supermarket and scoop up some fish (or meat) and some veggies. You don't need to be special, but you do need to be alive to boil, steam, sauté, fry or bake whatever real food you have in front of you and put it together.

That ... THAT ... is eating!

Have a sense of artistic? Make it look nice, appealing, sexy, whatever ... make it look like the food you salivate over, you enjoy, you'd eat, you'd pay for at a restaurant, you'd give to your friends.

Photograph it and put it on the internet ... attach some words and encourage other folks to enjoy the hell out of whatever it was that you enjoyed.

So, duty bound, how the heck do you do this dish?

Begin with a baked potato you baked a few days ago that has been sitting in the fridge since.

Take a couple of sea bass fillets that you filleted a few days ago and have been sitting in the freezer since.

Defrost some scallops that you cleaned up and prepped some days ago and popped back in the freezer because you had a glut of them.

Grab some surplus kale.

Take some freezer stock peas and some fresh mint.

Now, just put that lot together and have a damn good meal ... with a velouté made from fish stock and cream.

If you've not got it by now, I really can't help ...


The VERY savvy amongst you might well sense a sort of signing off.

Over and out ... enjoy your paleo/primal/ancestral life. I hope I inspired.


  1. You've inspired me, at least. So long, and thanks for all the fish [recipes]?

    1. Thanks, Joe - reaching just one person is enough.

      I've tired of writing the same thing over and over ... I'll no doubt be back, but for now, I think I've shown just about everything I can.

  2. Paul, thank you so much for your recipes, especially the fish ! Love your enthusiasm for what you do and I refuse to believe you don't have anything more say eventually. Jen - an Aussie doing paleo in Italy

  3. Thank you, Jen. Italy must be a tough one to keep paleo - even non-pasta dishes often have bread in them. Keep at it! In the end, there's always "just fish".

    I'm not closing this blog ... there's always going to be a new dish or a new technique, or something that will contribute. For now, I think I've done all I can with meat or fish and vegetables (and fruit), and explored about as far into desserts as I think should be.

    For now, that's all ... it's all there in the blog somewhere. The recipes tab is useful and a quick one to search with a browser.

    I'll carry on with my version of an ancestral diet, which is actually getting much purer - I'm re-reading Cordain.

  4. Paul,

    You have indeed inspired! I have a freezer full of salmon, and now a bunch of ideas!

    When I click the "magazine" view, I am looking at something that is better written and photographed than almost any cookbook I have yet seen, including the "paleo" ones.

    IF this was the food at a restaurant, I'd be a regular.

    Its kinda funny how many of us who have done low carb/paleo/primal end up at the same place of "just eat real foods", with a few exclusions (grains, seed oils, soy).

    I'm interested in your "purer"version of the diet - excluding certain foods, or flavourings?

    One thing I have found is that I use spices - especially chili/cayenne/paprika/pepper etc - far less than I used to (though I still do the occasional curry)- they were mainly to dress up boring starchy foods. I do use more leafy herbs like rosemary, thyme etc which have medicinal properties and seem to go better with bone broths etc.

    I have never read Cordain, though he has often been dismissed because of his stance on sat fats. be interested to hear your opinions.

    In any case, congrats on your great blog. Take a rest, for sure, but don't give it up completely.

    To use an ice age analogy, glaciers can and do go into retreat at times, but it's a shame when they dissappear altogether.



    1. Paul - You've got it! I'm having an inter-glacial :)

      Several things came to a head all at once. I have a very strict rule in life - when the things you love doing become a chore, simply cut them off. I've had to do this many times in my life, being an all engrossing kind of character. I am healthier because of it.

      Cooking is an absolutely fundamental passion of mine - fundamental, as in providing a firmament to my life. I can't give it up, chop it off or just not do it anymore ... I need a step back, a refresh, some "me" time and some time just to eat and enjoy.

      Actually, I did something rather interesting in the kitchen just this evening ... first time, it was fun, tasty and very much something I'll do again; African/European fusion!

      I want this sign-off to be just that - I've shown you all everything I know about making combinations of meat, fish, eggs and veggies interesting, varied and tasty while keeping it ancestral. I've deviated into "beyond paleo" areas which I've since retreated back from. I've taken the recent step back away from meat and deliberate fat into protein which is naturally and/or incidentally fatty, and into an older incarnation of myself - the pescetarian.

      I want this sign-off to be the conclusion of that.

      When I post again, and I will, it will be when I want to, rather than out of a sense of duty to the blog and my readers (which, if my feedburner stats and google analytics are right, are quite substantial).

      For now, it's radio silence ...

      Until the next Ice Age (thanks for that, Paul) ... we've done Living in the Ice Age 2.0 ... 3.0 will be forthcoming. Yes, I'm striving for a purer paleo, but not necessarily the "purist" view many of us have come to hate - paleo as a lifestyle statement, rather than as simply a lifestyle; paleo that cannot change.

      Again, thank you for the kind words - I wanted nothing more than to show off the food I cook, to inspire and have other just put together great food, free of the constraints of a recipe.

    2. I think that many people forget that you can do/have too much of a good thing, and I agree, you need to step back and refresh, let yourself get hungry for it again. Then you can pursue it with some passion. Otherwise, doing anything without an element of passion is indeed a chore.

      With this blog you clearly have lots of readers but not many commenters - I think your posts explain it so well there is little need for comment. Plus you are doing instructive, rather than argumentative posts - look at the comment patterns on Nikoley's blog and the same thing is apparent - arguments create lots of comments, but simple posts on food do not.

      Not quite sure I understand the difference between "lifestyle statement" and "simply a lifestyle"....

      I do like your approach of cooking without a recipe - this is the way I do it too. It inspires you to make use of what's available, rather than going and getting some exotic ingredient. That in itself is a paleo-approach to food.

      Finally, i think you need a better name than "ice-age 3.0" Decimal points are so not ice age terminology! A modern equivalent of "Younger Dryas" is what you need! The glaciologists probably have some good terms of their own.

      I do think I'll have to print and binder your blog in case you ever take it down - a "paleo fossil" I certainly want to preserve!