Steamed Coley

Steamed Coley
Occasionally, I eat rice. White rice.

Want to know more? Check out The Perfect Health Diet. I do err on the carbier side of paleo and find that a moderate amount of carbs in a dish which is otherwise quite low in fat works out well.

What do we have here, then?

Some fish and some vegetables: carrot, cabbage, tenderstem broccoli, courgette and aubergine. The fish is coley, a North Atlantic white fish, less flaky than cod.

Fillet and skin the fish, laying it on some kitchen foil in a steamer. The foil helps lifting the fish out, which can end up falling apart otherwise.

Get the rice cooking.

Cut up the vegetables and arrange them in a steamer with the ones that need less cooking towards the top.

Place both steamers over a pan of boiling water and let it cook through - this will only take a few short minutes.

Push the rice into a ramekin and then invert on the plate for a nice mound shape, arranging the veggies and laying the fish over the top. Garnish. I used some pea shoots and a sprinkle of Icelandic Ash Salt over the fish.

I did some cauliflower rice for my Mrs by simply steaming and crushing a few florets.

There's a little goat yoghurt, dill and lemon juice mayonnaise, too.

My inspiration for this dish was a simple steamed fish lunch at a café in Reykjavik where the 'Fish of the Day' was coupled with pretty much whatever they had ... vegetables and rice; a very welcome lunch.


  1. I'm experimenting with a little more carbs to see if it helps me to sleep better so this will be a good one.
    We had the sheep stew in Iceland, at the cafe next to the Gullfoss falls. Wonderful flavour and very good value!
    Did you see the Northern Lights?

    1. Ah yes, our guide advised us that the stew at Gullfoss was the place to get it (free refills, wasn't it?). I was far too engrossed with the falls themselves to think about eating ... that, and I'd just had the Sheep Soup and Hakarl with Hardfiskur at Cafe Loki in town before we set off on that tour.

      Do following up the PHD link. Often, the PHD is regarded as a higher carb take on the paleo diet, but actually, when you read the book the focus is on what you might be missing out on carbs when going very low. Some carbs is good. How much is down to you lifestyle.

      Yes, we saw the northern lights, but not from the ground. We did have a tour booked but is was cancelled. No drama! We'd already seen them on the way in ... from the plane! Not just seen but flew through them. The long wait in Copenhagen and the near midnight landing in Keflavik was all worth it. We got about an hour and a half of uninterrupted lights. Wonderful!

      Thanks for stopping by ... regarding carbs, a little white potato and a little rice with an otherwise lower fat meal balances up nicely. Other roots, like swede, carrot, turnip, celeriac, daikon and so on, I just regard as veggies and eat them in and amongst whatever else. Eat, enjoy, don't stress too much about over-carbing ... you'll know when you are if you observe and listen to your body.