Turkey Mince 'No Taters' Cottage Pie

Turkey Mince 'No Taters' Cottage Pie
I'm not averse to potatoes, but looking back through some old recipes I was reminded just how good cauliflower mash is.

Doing things just a little differently, I decided to use turkey mince. Low fat, turkey mince gives us the opportunity to add in whatever fat we choose to - here, coconut oil.

Deviating further, I wanted a more spicy version.

Begin by browning off some turkey mince in coconut oil. One pound for two people is good.

While that's browning, dice up a medium onion and toss that in, stirring through.

Dice up some other veggies. I went with some aubergine (eggplant) and courgette (zucchini), sufficient to double the amount in the pan.

Now, the flavours ...

Garlic first, several cloves. Now, graze through your spice cupboard! I added in some ground coriander, ground cumin, black pepper, paprika, chilli powder and some powdered chicken stock.

Squirt in some tomato purée and stir through. The purée will help to thicken the dish as well as bring in some depth of flavour.

Allow that to cook through in the pan and pick up some toasted flavour. Don't let it stick!

Cover with water and simmer through until the liquid is well reduced.

The mash? Cauliflower ...

Take a cauli, trim the leaves off, core it and steam the florets. Once soft, allow the steam to evaporate off and mash it together with some cheddar cheese.

Transfer the meat sauce to an ovenproof dish and spoon the mash over. Bake at 180C for about 20 minutes.

Turkey Mince 'No Taters' Cottage Pie

You kept the cauli leaves didn't you? No? Shame on you! Yes? Great! Take the better ones, shred and steam them.

Serve out, Cottage Pie with shredded cauli greens alongside.


  1. Yum! Leftovers made a wonderful breakfast this morning coupled with leftover salad from last night's Salmon Gyros.

  2. Back to true paleo are you? ;-) Not that it matters, mind you, I like your style of cooking.

    I've never commented here before even though you're one of my favourite cooks in the paleo world. There are so many great recipes here and the pictures are the best! Hope this comment somehow makes up for the lack of response, but seriously I'm glad you're still posting all those delicious meals even if few aknowledge your efforts by writing a comment. Thank you very much.

    PS I did share your link on a blog in February this year, not sure if you can see that?


    1. Alexandra - thank you for dropping by and leaving such a kind comment.

      My intention is that this is more a food blog ... what I eat, why I'm doing it and how I'm developing as I read. It's not a traditional recipe and method place, but I'm starting to work in a 'Keith Floyd style spin around the ingredients'. He's a TV Chef, in fact probably Britain's first ... and a real hoot to watch.

      I genuinely do not have an issue with white potatoes or dairy. I "did" the paleo thing, flirted with all manner of fringe stuff, like pseudo-grains and tried a bit of "paleo baking", but in the end, I'm a lot happier simply eating real food. Paleo has taught me to think beyond the label (Organic, Free Range and so on) and seek out more information about the rearing and growing, and more recently around the slaughter. For that reason, I continue to call what I do Paleo (or Paleo+) rather than JERF. It's more a lifestyle - activity, exercise, enjoyment, rest, recouperation, relaxation and living.

      I do go through waves of thinking of jacking it all in ... feeling that I'm simply repeating myself over and over. In fact, I just ducked out of G+ and removed my account (and associated 'Page') ... the tail was starting to wag the dog.

      But ...

      Rest assured, I'll keep writing up here. I'm going back through a load of old recipes as and when I sourced really good meat. Otherwise, it'll be fish, fish and more fish.

      Again, I'll look into the commenting system for blogger and see if I can improve it.

  3. Thanks for such a nice reply. Please don't change anything about your posts Paul, cooking has nothing to do with measuring & counting and everything with creativity & pleasure. ;-)

    Doesn't matter why you keep posting as long as you do. For years I have been reading blogs and never took the time to comment, figuring they'd still be there next time. Guess what, some have just disappeared (I'm sure not for my lack of response solely, but still) and I just wanted to make sure you are aware of my appreciation.

    Sometimes the message is so important it needs to be repeated again and again. Simply eating real food is one of them.