Yes, www.livingintheiceage.co.uk ...

I've moved the site up to a top-level domain of its own. Migration is now completed and hopefully you didn't notice the change, but do take a second just to update your bookmarks.

Any links back to the old domain will continue to work, but will be redirected to the new domain ... even pages from the old domain will be redirected. You won't notice anything unless you look at the URL bar (where you type in the address) where you will see that the old domain has been automagically transmogrified into the new one!

What does this mean?

Well, nothing really. I'm not looking to make any major changes to how I do things; Living in the Ice Age will remain my personal adventure in ancestrally inspired eating.

More, soon ...


  1. Welcome to your new 'home'! I hope you will long continue to post all these lovely meals.

    1. Thank you, Jean. It's a little poetic since it's a year almost to the day since we moved into our new house, which has brought so many lifestyle changes.

      Yes, I'll keep posting up what it is that I eat. You'll see a lot of repetition, but just a slight variation it remains interesting. On top of that, I keep reading, keep re-evaluating and keep adjusting my approach for eating guided by my morals, the science stuff that the clever people evaluate and present, and my imagination with what I have present and available.

      Thanks again, Jean. As above: move soon ...