Sea Bass Dauphinoise with Prawn & Tomato Salsa

Sea Bass Dauphinoise with Prawn & Tomato Salsa
I agree ... it looks a bit of a car crash!

Let's break it down a little - it's Gratin Dauphinoise, over which I placed a couple of sea bass fillets and crowned with a prawn and tomato salsa, and some spinach alongside.

It's all pretty self-explanatory, really ...

Make the Gratin Dauphinoise, make up the salsa while you're waiting and then when you're ready to eat, wilt some spinach and fry off the fish fillets which will take no more than a few minutes.

The salsa was just de-seeded and chopped tomato, some prawns sliced in two, olive oil, sea salt, black pepper and capers.

Prawn & Tomato Salsa

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