Steak Salad

After a long day competition Fencing ... home, I just want a few beers and a good, wholesome dinner.

Steak Salad

I have steak, I have some leftover German Potato Salad (made by a bona fide German) leftover from a picnic we had the other day and I've got some samphire.

Super! So, onion, mushroom and samphire, cold German Potato Salad and steak.

That hit the spot!


  1. Was it also a celebration? How did the competition go?

    1. We use this competition to introduce new club members to the world of competitive fencing. We fielded two mixed ability teams, one with two more seasoned fencers and one new, the other with two new and one very seasoned. We finished 10th and 15th of 15. In all, a great day's fencing!

      Home, shower, cool off, wind down, seriously aching, this was a lovely dinner.