Jansson's Temptation

Who? Beats me ... anyway, this is Swedish dish and perfectly paleo+ combining potato with onion, anchovy, butter and cream.

The fat lowers the glycemic load of the potato and overall, it's a pretty perfect meal of fat, carbohydrate and protein.

If you're not down with the paleo+ areas of dairy and starches as part of your paleo lifestyle, there are plenty of other dishes here to inspire. If you are, read on.

Here's how it's done ...

Finely slice an onion and get it caramelising in some butter.

Shred up some potatoes into matchsticks and line an ovenproof dish.

Lay the onions over and then some anchovies.

Repeat and top up with cream, laying a final layer of potato on top.

Bake at 180C for 45-60 minutes, serve out with something like fish and kale. Done!


  1. Looks like you used fresh anchovies, very nice. :-)

    According to (among others) BBC food recipes, the original dish is made with sprats. If I can get either one, I'm surely going to try this dish. As well as the Baltic Bi Bam Bap. ;-)

    Thanks, Alexandra

    PS I wouldn't mind responding by using my e-mail so you don't have to approve every time, but I didn't notice the option?

    1. Hi Alexandra - the language around herring, anchovy, sprats and so on is muddied. Basically, salted baby herrings are good whatever they're called.

      Yeah, the fusion Bi Bim Bap came about having been introduced to the Korean version, a dish of leftovers based around a core of starch - rice, in their case, potato here ... and the English version I made up.

      I'll have to look into the commenting - it's the Blogger default, but may be customisable.