Sea Bass with Pickled Fruit Salad

Too gorgeous! Simply too gorgeous!

Take a really good fish, sit it over some simple white vegetables, salad ingredients and some fruit ... and enjoy.

So, first, deal with your fish. Gut it. Scale it by rubbing a knife up and down the skin under running water, clean it out and sit it on a board for filleting.

Fillet. Slash the fillets on the skin side so that they don't curl up when cooked and set aside.

Shred some red onion and fennel, pickled garlic, pickled chilli and black pepper, slosh a little cider vinegar over and let it steep.

Shred some white cabbage and boil it, drain and infuse some flavour from marjoram.

Soften a little butter in a heavy based skillet, fry the fish on the skin side for a few minutes, turn and switch the heat off finishing the fish in the heat of the pan.

Peel and segment an orange.

Dish up ...

Cabbage down first, some chopped chicory and then the fish.

Scatter the orange segments around with some cockles and the marinated salad over the top.

Whoa! This is very fine indeed! We had a really nice Chablis alongside.

For the doubters ... orange worked so well with this, lifting the fish to something quite sublime! Do not skimp on the orange!


  1. Wow this is something I'm going to have to try. Always good to see some variation with ingredients to pair with fish.

    1. I read about pairing sea bass with orange quite by accident, but it works. I really like more raw veggies, steeped in vinegar alongside which works so well with the sweetness of the orange and it all works with the soft protein of the fish.

      I find such an imaginary release with fish - I can be really creative with fish in a way that I cannot with meat, for some reason. I think it's that there are no "rules".

      Just think through the things you have available for something underneath, something over the top and something alongside the fish.

      Fish needs nothing more than pan frying on the skin side, heat off and flipped over to cook through. The skin will peel straight off and set aside if you're icky about skin, wolfed down all crispy and gorgeous if you're me :)

      Have fun with yours ... please write up what you did.