Very Berry Cheesecake

Returning to a really simple method, here's my no-fuss, no-frills cheesecake ...

2 parts Cream Cheese
1 part Cream
Splash of vanilla extract
Touch of honey

That's it - the ratio between cream cheese and cream is 2:1, whatever cream you end up using, be it cream, soured cream or even yoghurt as a substitute.

Whisk until firm, spoon into forming rings, push some berries into the top and settle in the fridge to set and chill.

That's it!


  1. This looks like my sort of recipe! Tasty and not too difficult. I've got raspberries from last summer in the freezer so I'll try it with them. (I've always got cream and cream cheese!)

    1. I hope you enjoy them. Cheesecake is one of a very short list of desserts that I like ... and I'm glad to have got it just the way I like it.

      You will notice the lack of base, even a paleo-friendly base. Personally, it's all about the cream cheese; the base is irrelevant, especially for single servings in Chef's rings.

      Have fun, Jean.

  2. I agree the base is irrelevant. When I started eating this way I stopped to think and realised that, faced with a cream cake, the bit I wanted to eat was the cream not the cake! I have a very healthy appetite but it took me a while to learn to listen to it.

  3. Hmmmm. That's all the excuse I need to make some cream cheese tomorrow then!
    This will be a nice treat for midweek.

    1. Enjoy!

      Pop whatever berries you like on top, but crush them a little so the juice colours up the cheesecake. They firm up within a few hours, but best left overnight. For a general rule of thumb, a 400g container of 'Cream Cheese' (I used Sainsbury's Own Full Fat) and 150ml of double cream will make four 4" rings worth.

    2. Finally tried this tonight Paul. Lovely! Soft cheese from our goats milk, double cream, a little honey and Vanilla then topped with some redcurrants from the freezer.

    3. Beauty! Glad you liked it.