What do YOU want?

Happy New Year!

Happy new year to all my readers, followers, fans and friends ... actually, you're all friends.

It's a new year and I'd like to make the best of the opportunity by asking you guys what you'd like to see, what you'd like to read and which way you'd like to see things progressing.

We all know that paleo is quite a loose description, some of us have one view, others, quite another, but we all hang together with something in the middle in mind.

Living in the Ice Age is an ancestral focussed food blog. I prepare, eat and enjoy real food, made from real ingredients.

I'd like this to be an open post ...

In the comments, pop up an idea, a request, a challenge ... I'll do my best to work it in and show you how I'd do it.

Also, if you're having difficulties, post up a question ... I'll do my best to help you out.


  1. Hi, Paul,

    The reason I look at your blog is that there aren't many of us in the UK and I find it useful to know about specific issues with that. Mostly we are lucky with the quality of food in our supermarkets - for instance, honey is always honey here and not cut with HFCS and I think butter is better quality.
    Please continue with the recipes - I love to have plenty of ideas to keep eating interesting.

    1. Will do, Jean - things are always a little slow this time of year, what with getting back to work and just breaking out of the Christmas routine into a fresh routine.

      Thank you for dropping by and letting me know what it is that you value about this site - it is really helpful. I have always had a UK bias, a lot of "paleo" I see as really quite foreign to us and not really necessary. We have an abundance of meat and vegetables, and as you say, our honey is real honey ... and our condiments are not really that bad.

      We should not forget that the neolithic really is a very recent thing - some 10,000 years ago. We should also not forget that modern eating is very new to us. If we eat more like our grandparents' generation, we're half way there ... refine that by dropping out the complex carbs and we're pretty much "paleo".

      The paleolithic was a gradual process and something like 100,000 to 50,000 years ago, our part of the world was populated and we, being very adaptive organisms, adapted - we were no longer on the savannah and so had to adapt to new foods that we found north of Africa, from the southern tips to the most northerly.

      I really do not see much issue with fatty and fermented dairy, especially from goat. If you are genuinely not tolerant, kick it out ... if not, boost gut probiotics and enjoy it. We've adapted, if not evolved. Intolerance, to my mind, say more about the product than the person - seek better produce and suddenly the sickness goes away. This is the biggest "take home" from paleo.

      This year, like last, I will be quietly continuing my journey through local and seasonal eating, yes, largely concentrating on seafood and doing my thing the way I do it ... \

      Is it 100% paleo? Well, I've gone past caring. I've taken the core of the message, the principle of the matter and run with it. I've experimented around the fringes, run back to the centre and pretty much just gone with what I know to be right - real food, local, organic and seasonal.

      Paleo has taught me no fear of my principles. I think we will see "paleo" quite accepting of a few things this year, potatoes and (good) dairy being my top tips. Let's see ...

  2. Hi Paul

    Really enjoying looking at your recipes and posts, there's a lot to read!
    I like to keep up to date with what's happening generally in the Paleo/Primal scene but get sick of some of the forums (fora?).
    Some bloke posting "I don't know what to eat" for the 100th time wears a bit thin. I, like you, know what to eat but I like to exchange recipes, get new ideas, and generally chew the fat :-)

    We just ate Brisket of Beef pot-roasted with beetroot. It goes so well together. Who knew?

    We have goats milk here and our own cheese and yogurt. I'd seriously consider giving up dairy if I had to buy it in the supermarket. Raw cow's milk should be online sometime about the end of May. I'll keep you posted.

    If you keep doing what you do so well, I'll keep reading.

    Happy New Year Paul!

    1. Happy New Year to you, and yours, too, Dave!

      Wow! Beef brisket with beetroot! Superb! You do like those beetroots, don't you?

      It's been a bit slow so far this year, but I'll get into the swing of it ...